Sunday, March 30, 2008

Golden Child

LAtely had been listening to switchfoot old album
"Nothing is Sound"
and fell in love with a song called~>Golden Child
Really love the chorus part of it:

You are golden,golden child,
Dont let go
Dont let go tonight.

It's really an encouragement for me,
for I was never a confident person.
Maybe in other people's eye I'm just plain yellow,
But I know in God's eyes,
I'm always his golden child.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letting Go..

Would you come?
Won't you come?
I'm desperately in need now

Would you leave?
Won't you leave?
Cz I dont wanna love you anymore

But I can't
NO matter how hard I tried
No I can't
So i told myself a lie

I'm letting go
the feelings I once had for you
I'm letting go again

I'm moving on
No longer will I wait for you
I'm letting go
I'm letting go

And as this lie goes on
I found myself falling deeper and deeper
in love with you
I dont love you...and that's a lie...


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letting go......

I remebered few years ago,
I met him in my church...
at 1st impression i thought "oh here's another typical KL guy,with fashion but no brain..."
but later on...i found out....he's not what i thought he was....

and the story goes on......

of course we did kept in touch,build up our friendship and stuff...
yet,the more i get to know him,the more flaws I started to see in him.

and tht's when the so called CHALLENGE started
continue liking him or not...
cz most ppl say, infatuation is one will stop liking the other
when he/she sees the flaw in him/her.
so after the struggle,I decided to stop the feeling.

and believe me...from tht September till now...
it never stop.
though I tried to hard to...I dont know why...

and now,it's like the more flaws he had
the more I felt like ...*stuck*
gosh, i dont know what I'm talking about now....

I clearly know tht he has no feelings for me
and he deserves a better gal out there anyway...

Im just wondering...
When will all this come to an end?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wonderful Creator

This is a pic I took in Teluk Ramunia(dunno the spelling)...
Pretty huh?
Rather than looking at the pretty gal *ehem!*,I would rather praise the wonderful creator,
the Lord who created the heavens and the earth.
He made the beautiful sky, sea waters,artistic clouds,
the wind,and most of all >>>US!
Had been learning so much throughout this whole week in i-youth,
not just about spreading the gospel,
but learning how to care for others with God's love
and most of all depending on Him with>>FAITH.
When u have faith like a mustard seed,
miracles happen.
What a wonderful creator we have...

Monday, March 10, 2008

I-Youth Venture

From left...
Jared,me,Jessalynn and Joyce.
Meet the J-siblings!!
It's been just the 1st week of the training,
and we had already learned so much!
A lil presure and stress some times
but we are getting along well with each other
and with the trainers as well.
Thank God for that!
I believe it's gonna be a fruitful and wonderful time of our lives for the next coming weeks
and may all of us be able to bring more ppl to Christ
and influence other young Christians to do the same!
I pray this fire will not die down...
instead continue to burn in our hearts...