Friday, November 20, 2009

Faith & Abundance

It takes a small amount of faith
like the mustard seed to move a mountain

Being brought up in a Christian family
where we are programmed and trained to tell
the RIGHT answers

We know God provides
We know we have to have faith

is one heck of a big step of faith i'm taking
time to experience God and His abundance like never before!

Youth With A Mission Disciple Training School,Perth

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Its always hard to say goodbye
especialy to people that you may see only once in a lifetime..

I like to make myself believe that planet earth turns

I'm weird cz I hate goodbyes...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little thoughts

It's ironic
often times I laughed and teases the lyrics in songs which I thought was...
overly dramatic.
But when you got into that situation,that EXACT situation
you finally understand why they wrote it that way

"'s 2a.m and i'm cursing your name,
i'm so in love that i acted insane
thats the way i love you"
The way i love you-Taylor Swift

"But you're so hynotizing
you got me laughing while i sing
you got my smiling in my sleep..."
Catch me-Demi Lovato

"something always brings me back to you,
it never takes too long..."
"you hold me without touch,keep me without chains...."
Gravity-Sarah Bareilles

...Just to mention a few...
there's so many more cliche and cheezy lyrics
but when you're in that particular situation,you could really feel and appreciate every song
that sings to your heart...

And i do hope the songs I write does the same
to someone somewhere somehow
in this big tiny world...=) my new song "Little thoughts" =)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Letting Go

Letting go
it aint easy
Thinking too much
the deadliest flaw in me
When this two elements collide
you cant imagine how hyterical I'll be
Emotions run
high and low
up and down till it
made you head spin around like
you're in a never ending roller coaster ride
You think that you got this
you think you are strong to face it
but when he appears infront of you
your heart melts and breaks into two
cz he's not in love with you
he has someone else back in school
You think you'd forgotten
you think you could handle this all
but when he appears infront of you
the confidence of letting go just falls
but he's not in love with you
and you're suffering from all this mental torture
All now I can do
is to hang on to God for only he can cure this addiction
more than other rehab centres could
He's my equilizer
that keeps me at least a lil sane
and I know in time I'll get through...


And so I was paicking most of my stuff back to Perlis
and here are some of the nostalgic moments in my room...

the amazing amount of thumbnails and blue tags
used just to stick papers and pics around

All the pics,articles, drawings ready to be packed up!

"you are the prettiest gal ever lived"
the note that I sticked to my mirror and confessed it everday...
for the 1st few weeks only...
then I forgotten it actually existed...haha
Got home,
settled all my stuffs again
and found out all the bunch of albums i bought in 2009...
to me it's a lot...
16 albums bought in 10 months,
and FYI they are all ORIGINAL!

Mama mia soundtrack,backstreet boys CD+VCD,

Kevin Max,David Archuleta,Matchbox 20,

Jeremy Camp,Zee Avi,Daughtry,Demi Lovato (2),Norah Jones(2)

and not inside here-Colbie Callait

So being "free" enough,

I went on to count all the original albums in the house

and I found we had a total of 110!! much money is that...

Dad keeps complaining about how I spent my money on albums,

but hey,

it's so much better than buying cetak rompak or illegal downloads.

We support good music by letting these great musicians earn money

which is by buying their albums to be exact...


well at the end of the again...