Friday, October 30, 2009

Lil Thoughts (Gotta stop thinking about you)

Lil thoughts keeprunning through my head
till I dont know what to say you

Lil thoughts keep running through my head
till I dont want you to say
a word anymore

I know I shouldnt be singing this
at this very moment
but I cant get this over with

I gotta stop thinking about you

thinking about you

worrying about all the things that you do

Stop minding about you

what we both had gone through

it's killing me

Gotta stop thinking about you

thinking about you

I cant understand what magic you have inside

that could grap whole of me untill

I lost my mind

Wrote this few days ago,
I thought this song so far is one of the most satisfactory song I'd ever written.
It may sounded a lil cliche or Colbie Callait-ed...
but i'm happy with it.

There's not really a specific person i'm writing about
but a few ppl that kinda got my full attention till I cant study and wrote this song
thanks for the inspiration guys...haha

I'll try to find time to upload the song someday.
If not,i'll sing it for you....someday too... =)

Ready for the BATTLE??

Was on my way back to Perlis today
as usual I'll cam whore with my new C902 phone
and snap! got this really amazing pic.
Take a close look (maybe not even close)
and you'll see a "GOOD" hand sign at the clouds...
cool huh?
it's like God is telling me i'm doing well cz im striving for my STPM.
not really striving i guess...
Gosh,the heat and preassure is on.
3 weeks and no time for rest...
Syllabus undone,
concepts unstable,
chapters piling up like twin tower of Petronas
brain often on sleep mode,
wandering around cloud 9...
I dont feel ready for this battle
But i still belive 3 weeks can change things.
even if it's sticking myself with elephant glue on the chair,
poking myself with needle when i'm sleepy,
or skip lunch,waking up early (nooo!!!)
I have to burry my face into books and READ!!!
*breath in breath out...huuuuu*
Dad is just a wonderful father
discussing econs theory with him is just so fruitful.
He'll go through wikipedia to check for more info,
explain,reconfirm my concept
and stimulate me to think...
most of all,business and econs has a close relation to what he's good at
FELDA GULA PERLIS... applicable...
Too bad his daughter is just too slow to twist her piggy brain...
No more excuse,it's back to work...
ready for the battle?
wait a minute,my knife is not even sharpen!
my guns are not fully loaded,
there goes my rusty shield....
give me a sec commander!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gossip Guys

Can someone tell I THAT bad?
Everything I do seems to draw gossips from that group of ppl...
Initially I felt "it's fine with me,WHATEVER"
but later as I sensed the pressure coming in....
I too panicked...I started to think "Is it just them or is it really me with the probs?"

I dont know...
Maybe i'm a jerk in nature
or I have bad breath or something...hah

Maybe I cared so much of what they say is just cz of him there...
every word he uttered just infects my whole mood system...
gosh....I HATE THAT...
but all typical gals would's inevitable...

I dont want this feeling. Trust me...
I know this guy is definitely not the one...
maybe after my big showdown this will all end
cz we are all gonna go separate roads...

I guess i'm just too dependent on him
oh whatever, I just wanna get rid of this place as soon as possible...
and fly to somewhere far enough.......
I despise gossip guys

Confusion confused
It's like you dont know who to trust or to rely on...

You're still stuck in the middle...
neither black or white...
you are just grey and that makes me super sick

You know you stand a chance to make a start,
but something just holds you back
or else it'll be something that will not let you in
eventhough you are begging to enter...

Im caught up in the middle of...


Monday, October 5, 2009

Crush Crash

A crush on someone else is just like a car crash
while you're speeding on the road or enjoying the excitement of the drifting ...
you wont see the consequences and danger ahead
you just go faster and faster...

Until you crash...
it wont hurt much when you're unconscious
but when you wake up from coma
that's when the pain and agony starts coming in...

cz this is all not meant to be...
and i think it's time to slow down and press on the breaks
before I get into a crush crash too....

Friday, October 2, 2009

My LIKE Life

You know,I admit I do have a crush on some guy out there.


and I know what you're thinking now..."who is that lucky guy?"

or rather who's that UNLUCKY one...

Crushes I had for the pass few years till now (they come and go from time to time though)
never really proceeded till the next level. I called it LIKE.

For me,LIKE is when you wanna spend more time with this guy
(or gal)
getting more personal
wants to know every detail of his life
be there everytime he needs you
comfortable being just who you are when you're with them
not ashamed to show who you really are inside
...the list goes a lil more but what i really wanna say is
for me to LIKE someone seems hard.
Especially when I've never been in a serious or puppy love relationship before
(yeah i know it's pathetic)

Hooooo...there's this very strange situation that happens everytime I have a crush on some guy
that is the guy (usually had a crush on me before I did the same) will move on.
I used to think that God is playing a fool with me
but as time passes by, I started to appreciate this funny "phenomena"
cz someday by the time the guy and I both share the same feelings for each other
at the same time...
then there's a high possibility he is the so called "The One"

I admit I'm having a crush now
maybe moving into the LIKE stage...
but as usual i'll always hold back long enough till he backs out...
and the journey for true love continues...
maybe soon??

To Dance Again

I dont know how many are reading this,
maybe no one really cares...
I'm no popular chic around town or even near
I'm just so excited
like fresh blood flowing all over
in and out every arteries
setting my cells in a dance mode
my feets are moving incesently
tapping to every rythym that comes through
or maybe...flows into my heart
I'm so glad i've been given the opportunity
to twirl and swirl again
to perform again
to dance
with everything I have