Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holding My Hand

I wanna hold your hand
And count every little step with you
With you
I know it’s a long long way
But you are my sustaining fuel

Maybe somewhere along this road
There’ll be storms and cloudy days
Between us
Maybe sunshine wont stay long
Yet behind every dark sky
Is a brand new day

Baby baby,
We will walk out of this
I want you to be the one next to me
Baby baby,
You got my word in this
I’m not perfect but I’m willing to try
And it’s ok,
I will never slip away
As long as you’re holding my hand.

I never thought my dreams would come true
It’s such a blessing to have you…
To have you …in my life

p/s: Any suggestions for a nicer title? Always have problems titling my songs...Hope to be able to record this into a decent song! Oooo yeah...