Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-day (vol.2)

Am in a very excited mode right now,
happy and grateful...

(Never felt so motivated to write a blog before...)
*sneaky sneaky*
Warning: this is gonna be a slightly long-winded post...but i guess gals love details and guys love the big picture...and i have both....so...XD

Anyways, let's get straight to the point, 
it was Valentines day yesterday and yeah, 
I had a blast!
It wasn't as "grand" like last year...
with all the dramatic U-turns to Port Dickson,
tryna fly a kite in mid night but failed,
yet oh-so-sweet confession valentines...
But I must say...
Mr.Rocker never failed to pull a trick out of his hat. 
It was expectedly unexpected!
*ironic I know* 

So let's rewind things back...
Wasn't feeling the Valentine's mood to be honest,
'cause like what HE said
Valentines day is sucking your money day! 
*true though*
I wasn't looking forward for candle light dinner
or bouquet of roses...
But I did look forward for a surprising and excited evening.

And like a hokkien saying:
describes me best.
It was 15 minutes before he came to pick me up, 
baru I panicked to decide what I wanna wear,
should I make up or not?
When I chose a black blouse, Miss Lau Chun Sia even sarcastically commented:
" You nak pergi hiking is it?"
Roommie Mei Yi kept persuading me to wear dress,
even to the extend of pleading me to be more lady-like...
*guys, now you know more or less the chaos going on in a gal's bedroom*

I just chose to wear a long cat-printed shirt with snake leggings...
Well since Zau is Mr. Gorilla-Lion,
why can't I be Miss Ca-Snake?

Same as last year, he was late by 15.5mins,
but this time no surprising rose delivery to my door steps.
It's fine. *clutch fist*  
Pulled down the passenger seat's mirror, 
No card fell down to my lap...
Zau gave me a cunning smile...
It's fine too...*sharpens knife*
All I saw by then was a packet of Twisties in the back seat.
Then, he handed me my camera left in his place few days ago
and then no more...
I was like: "takkan?????"
But then when I opened up camera bag,
there was THIS welcoming my very sight:
(yes, that's the Tina Fey Bossypants underneath...lol) 

He wrote:
"...recently listened to a great sermon by Pastor Kevin. ' Blue Jeans and Pink Sandals'..." 
I went ROLF!!
1. The actual name of the relationship sermon is " Pink Heels and Blue Jeans"!
2. He was sweet enough to find a card that actually has blue jeans and pink SANDALS
3. He glued the sandals on his own.

Summore got love drawings from a rocker...

The rest of the details are P&C...

After the laughs and jokes, 
he popped a question:
" So, what we gonna have for dinner? Tony Romas, Pasta Zanmai or Carl's Junior?"
In my heart sreams "CARL's JUNIOR!!!!"
But then to be more "valentines",
I said, why dont we go Pasta Zanmai???
But then when we went there, the counter person told us they were fully booked.
And I dunno why both of us were smiling widely to each other 
and happily headed to Carl's Junior...

It was our 2nd Valentine's date in CJ's...
So last night we officially declared CJ as our fav V-day spot. 
Baru kali kedua sudah syok sendiri sangat...
Somehow there are so many great memories between us in CJ...

Portobello Mushroom burger is my ultimate fav!
Look at 'em fries, slurp!

*the HULK bf*
"Dont snatch mine or I'll give you the fatal punch!"

Sweet enough, he remembered my favourite side dish,

See, its juicy enough from the pictures...what more when it enters your watery mouth
and starving tummy??

CJ...faster find me to be your ambassador! 

Too bad they were out of tea...
or else it would be double paradise. 

And I bought him a V-day gift!
Tickets to Avril Lavinge's concert!
Since her concert is on 18th Feb, 
which is also our 1 year anniversary, 
so this gift serves as V-day and anniversary gift...
He was reluctant to receive it initially,
but with my sharp and intimidating stare, he "gladly" accept it.

See how he is blushing after getting it...
*evil gf grin*

last year he took to me Port Dickson...
I was thinking where else this year?
One of my fav spot to be away from the hectic city.
According to Zau, they had their festival lights on last night...
So it was really a nice view there...
plus it was so quiet and peaceful there...

Cant get a nice view while we're under the bridge.
The bridge changed colours randomly,
and while I was snapping pics,
Zau was observing the light systems
and every technical things that has to do with his electrical profession.
I love that quality from him actually...职业病 at his best...
*passionate man...i mean Gorian*

Imagine lar...its like going overseas 
or being somewhere else in Malaysia...
But I do felt very different whenever I come to Putrajaya,
cz the streets are so NEAT (tak berlubang), 
and CLEAN.
Hardly found any rubbish on the ground, 
and even the street lights and traffic lights so artistic ler...
Got curves and designs...
unlike the mundane looking ones we see everyday. =.=
How I wish everywhere in Malaysia could be so nicely designed.
with all the façade and landscape lighting...etc
(saje nak show off technical terms learned from him)

Ok ok,
enough will all the dreaming and imagination...
and after all the walk walk and talk talk...
(macam orang tua tua sudah....)
We left the bridge cz too many ppl...lolz.
*sneaky sneaky*
He apologized for not preparing any presents,
and I actually bought into his lies...
*slams head*

Yes, I was disappointed and a lil grudgy 
maybe cz he did such a great job last year and this year was like down the sea in comparison...
(GUYS!! Better dont do so well initially, cz when the next year/time comes, 
you'll have to live up to your standards...ahahhaa)
But when we stopped in a quieter place,
he gave a sinister smile and said:
" Actually I got a gift for you lar, it's at the back" 
Then you can imagine, fist and punches to his face.
(figuratively...not literally)
Proud of his success to fool me,
he pulled out this red-wrapped box to me.
He said it's breakable...
I was guessing:
Glass accessories?
Glass souvenirs?? (mind think too straight)

Then, to my freaking surprise

 (for those of you who dont know, its a recording mic!)
I purposely dont wanna edit this pic cz wanna show you i was so touched till I struggle to take a nice pic
*denial XD*

Gorian awarding the ultimate gift to me!
He's in teary eyes...=P

For some people, you might think I'm being a lil too overreacting or high profile about this matter...
But for what you might not know, 
is that I've been craving for this since quite some time.

Last 2 weeks, while I was gonna  get the USB version of the AT2020,
I was 3 times stopped by the CK, SMX and Search Music sdn bhd salesman...
I was advised to buy a recording interface first then the mic with integral 3-pin XLRM type
(I'm also in my baby steps in this technical matter >.<'''')

Imagine coming this close to getting something you want,
and yet realizing that you're rushing things too fast
and there's a few steps to achieving it...
summore its all about the money money money...
I was kinda desperate and down that time...
cz it's gotta take a few more months of saving up before I could purchase this babe...
And before I knew about this gift,
I spent away RM200 of my mic savings to buy Zau the concert tix...
So you can understand that in my heart I was having a lil battle.
But I couldn't bare to leave him alone at home for our anniversary. 
So I thought the mic could wait...

there it was, in my hands.
Freaking insanity to take in at the moment. 
He told me that this mic is part of realizing my big dream,
and it will be a blessing to people and myself.
So he invested and gifted it to me.

There was no teary eyes back then (now abit...)
but a great big smile on my face. 
To know that he spent RM 4xx on this shizz...
and all the trouble to get it...
wow...I felt so overwhelmed and grateful. 


To have someone sharing the same faith,
same vision 
and passion
is something I could ever ask for from God.
And they all come in one package...

I suka giler you!

yeah its money sucking day...
but it's also a day of pleasant surprises...
a special day to feel special again...
Who says it's overrated for the love-birds?
It is if you blindly fall into those commercial tricks...

was a time for me to flash back what we've been through the whole year,
the UPs and DOWNs,
Meows and cows...
and how on earth we got together in the 1st place? 

I'm blessed and grateful to find not just a bf,
a bff
but also a soulmate..
someone who knows me better than I do myself,
someone who loves the things I love doing,
someone who doesn't doubt me even when everyone and myself does...
an amazing guy who stands so firm for me...that I know I have a great friend when I'm in need.
and the list goes on enough for me to write a new song!
V-day vol.2,
not much sugar rush like last year,
yet sufficient amount of sweetness to make me get a tooth ache again.

Quote myself from last year:
"I believe 
that we will get better and better in time"

I heart you silly Gorian!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Conquer Me

Kill me in my consciousness
and rip my heart away
take my soul and feed it to the preys

Many times i've stumbled
upon marshmellow stones
and it hurts so deep though there's nothing to bleed

Who am I to say
I;m done with this race
when you're still placing faith in me

Let the thorns tear my lips
Scattered glass pierce my skin
But I wont ever let the poison in
Its hard to take this harsh breath in
but I have the liberty to set myself free
from all these things
that wish to conquer me

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Stuck in the 16th floor
you got no where to go

With no water and food
its you on your own

And you cant break through the doors
cz the key aint yours to hold

Gotta find a way find a way
to breakthrough these four walls

I gotta stop lazing around my nest
gotta learn to spread my big tiny wings
Since i cant break through this door, 
why wont shall I fly away?

Maybe if I fall
someone may catch me and take me to higher heights
and I'll leave
the place I've been left behind
yet right now
this height is something I cant bare
still right nowI'll just sing untill my dear prince charming comes his way