Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dont Judge A Photographer By Their Camera

So, I was pretty bored after TITAS exam the other day,
bored of Facebook, Youtube and watching American Next Top Model 
(You could see how BORED I was)

I decided to take my long-abandoned nikon D5000 for a walk.
Snip Snap hour, yay!
While I was at the peak of my excitement,
I met an intimidating photographer.
It was a friendly talk in the beginning but things went a lil spicy after that.
He was judging my ISO settings, my lens (cz i just have kit lens) and when he saw that i was using manual mode, he was like "Wah, you use manual mode arr??!"


 Yeah I get it,
photographers like to show off their skills and what not right?
Ok, maybe not all...
but mostly are those half-bucket-water ones...

Its not that I'm being "small gas" or unreasonable,
but my point is,
just because I'm a girl and I own a D5000 with no additional whatsoever bombastic lens,
it doesn't make me a rich-spoiled-gal who happens to buy a DSLR and treat it like a digital camera. 
I have full respect for it and I dont take it for granted.
and yeah, I know how to use Manual mode too....mind you.
or else why would I ever wanna own a DSLR?

Thanks to him, 50% of my enthusiasm was put off.
I wonder why, but I was pretty upset with his perception of me.
as a photographer, that is.

However, being the noobie, amateurish photographer,
I just walked around and snip snap a few pics...
The varsity lake could be boringly interesting at times....

Here's a  pic that I took
Its like a lady trying to wrap herself up with her robe.

The whole experience was a lesson for me.
To not judge a photographer by its camera.
Sometimes, I do make the same misakes as Mr.Thinks-He's-Better-photographer,
that is to have a judgemental view towards others.

Who knows, they may look like a noobie,
but actually is a pro?
The main point is not just to own great gadgets, or know a bunch of great skills,
but also to snap pics that have quality and touching to the soul.

I better stop ranting.