Monday, August 1, 2011

Dont Wake Me Up Tonight

Dont wake me up tonight
I will be sleeping tight
dreaming that I'll be alright

Daisies will bloom for me
Warm wind embracing me
They say that I'm looking amazing

I'll dream of a place unknown
With sweet songs and moonlight glow
Where joy and happiness flow

My boy will be by my side
Say that everything's gonna be alright
His love for me will never be a lie

 *Though I'm wrong
and always made the silly choices
Though I'm weak
and never put things right in place

I'm not perfect
There's always a hole inside my being
But I know I can mend my broken heart
with your love

You can mend my broken heart
with your love...

Dont wake me up tonight,
I'll dream a lil dream of paradise
You will be holding my hand,
and I'll be the best gal alive...