Saturday, January 16, 2010

Make Me Somebody

Was thinking what to write on my blog today,
so much to express but spontaneously these lyrics just came out as I typed while listening to Michelle Branch
This also describes how I felt when I was in Langkawi 2 days ago
by the beach I sat and sing a lil tune to myself.
Hope to get the melody done and post it on youtube for you all to listen!!


Sitting by the beach
wishing the guitar was beside me
Wanna strum my way to my dreams
as I watch the sun setting down into the mountains

Sounds of the water lapping
drifts my heart into the deepest sea
How I hope someones here to hold me
fill up the broken pieces of my life make me whole

Brushing off the fantasy in my head
all I did was just walking straight

Please be here with me
Tell me how my life's gonna be
I know there'll be beds of roses
and times of agony and pain
But oh oh precious,
I'm so ready to fly so high
soar in this wings I never tried
Make me somebody somehow tonight


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I hate this part right here

now everybody's talking about the crush I have for ...a guy
which I still dont wanna mention though it's so publicly known

It's not like I'm despo for his acceptance or whatsoever...
I just wanna express and let it fade away.
And within my expectation,the news just spread all over
like a scattered plate of green peas

And naively i thought he would take the whole confession thing very well
and I thought it wont affect our friendship
and I thought....I'd stand a chance


Could something just make me get this over?!