Monday, September 26, 2011


Put on my cherry red dress

and flowery socks 
just to brighten up my gloomy day
Walk in the middle of the rain
just to feel the cool cool shower
Let it wash my sadness away

The sun is gone somehow
oh why are there cloudy clouds?
Are they feeling the same as I do?

Oh come what may
I got my swagger jacket on
Gonna face this world with a winning smile...

My world would never ever be completed
if it's without

You, you, you...
coming through through through
In and out
turning my world upside down
And changed the way I feel

Towards this cold cold cold world
Now I wanna swirl swirl swirl
In the middle of the storm
where all the hurricane falls
down down down down....on me.

Saving the world ain't something easy
but your love will guide me through
You're the only one who can sail my ship
so how ever could I forsake.....