Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Falling From Cloud 9

Its been some time since i updated my blog...
and i'm feeling guilty cz i only come back here whenever Im down
and so is today.

I lost my scholarship to US.
I know when i say this my dad would be mad at me cz I've always been very open in the net...like spilling all the beans on the internet platter...
but this one is not private.
Its something I dont wanna be ashame of.
Its something I wanna share with the whole world.

Previously I'd share my excitements and joy about my acceptance into Spring Arbor University,
and now I would love to share my dissapointments and sorrow of not getting the chance to US.

Its gonna be...a tough time for me.
but i believe I'll get there some day. Its just a matter of time.
Gotta brush off the agony and bitterness in me.
You should know that I need time to get back up...
and i'm not gonna give myself too long to drag myself back from cloud 9...

Despite how unprepared I am to enter local uni,
I have to pack up my emotions and start a new life ahead.

You go girl...