Sunday, September 6, 2009

Singing with BIG LUNGS

Listening to tonnes of live perf and covers by various artist
and WOW...they all sounded so so good...
even if its off stage.

Seeing them sitting in their rooms
dressed up in their pajamas
without make up or funky hairstyles...
STILL,they sounded just as great as they were in albums

As I just uploaded some vids on youtube
I was kinda embarrassed and afraid to post it
cz I just felt I'm so not up to the standard
to be like there ppl...gosh

I wonder how could I be like them?
you know,singing so outstandingly w/o much stress
with big lungs and tongues.HAH
Well....I guess hardwork and practice is the key to success....

Neway,check out my cover of David Choi's single
"Wont Even Start"
and oh yeah, do leave your "footprints" if you ever do stop by there!


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