Thursday, December 10, 2009

After the Big Showdown

Exams over.
How swell,how overwhelming.
I get butterflies in my stomach thinking
how I'm gonna spend this coming 7 months of holidaying...

The beach?
Mission training?
Facebook and youtubing?

But just before I could plan anything,
my december schedule are already exploding
with Christmas drama practise,bangkok family trip,yamaha music concert
and not to forget---Caroling!
Gosh,could my life get anymore exciting?

Oh yeah it will...
If I could really get 15K within 3 months
and get my arse to Perth
push my life to the edge of the earth...
Now thats what I call adventure.

Dont worry,
though things seems to unsure and blur
still my trust for God will continue to grow
and i'll hope for the best!

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