Friday, October 29, 2010

Smile : )

  I have to admit...
feeling kinda melancholic today.
Was spending some time with the seniors from the song-writing sociey...
From our conversations...
I felt that somehow......
that 1st place I achieved was just mere luck.

No, I dont believe in luck.
I guess I was a little more fortunate that day.
Have to be grateful still.

I have to much to learn and improve.
and I'm feeling so pressured and tension.
Pursuing originality and uniqueness,
trying to write the right tune that shouts myself.

Browsing some of my pics,
its funny...
cz I make myself smile!

Discovered a new singer today,
Mindy Gledhill.

First heard her song "Whole Wide World"
Immediately I was strucked!
Everyword, every verse speaks so similar to my heart.
"I wanna hold the whole wide world, right here in my open hands.
Maybe I'm just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans"


Then there's "Hourglass"
" When you reach for the stars, dont forget who you are.
Please dont turn around and grow up way too fast.
See the sand in my grasp, from the first to the last.
Every grain turns into the memory of the past.
 Oh,life's an hour glass."

I love indie kinda songs.
and the lyrics isnt hard to digest,
it speaks straight to my soul.

Just couldnt help but smile even more.

You know,
its ok to feel defeated once in a while.
Just gotta know how to get back on track and strive on.
I know there's many trying to pull me down,
also many behind me, backing me up...

Most importantly,
I own the promise from my Father above.
His words are true and never failing.
I hold on to it,
and I believe somehow, someday...
I'll also be that girl singing songs inspiring others...
bringing smiles to another's face.

: )


siangxi said...

Haha take it easy. You deserve the 1st prize, it's a beautiful song. Anyway you just keep composing about your life, or anything you like & sounds fresh to you. Just let recognition comes to you if it does. Love before learn & improve. Let learning follow the natural pace. Enjoy =)

Malcolm said...

yalor yalor.. agree with siang xi. Tat night tease u oni la.. don't take it so seriously.

It's a beautiful song really. we already expected u to get top 2 the moment u finished--seriously~~ not bluffing ok

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

well, maybe this competition meant something special to me, so i was being a lil too sensitive. well,thats me anyways...

thanks for the encouragement anyhow =)