Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Was back to Perlis yesterday
Was driving back from school after dropping my mom there
Was returning home
saw the beautiful sunbeam shining forward
the warmth of the sun so gentle....

A famous singer said
We are all like the SUN.
Though at times we don't feel we're important in this world
yet to others we mean the whole world to them...

Just like the sun,
it may not know how powerful and vital it is,
you know...it may think it's jobs is to be shinny and burning,
yet to it's surprise,
the whole world depends on it...

well I have a question
...am I the SUN in your life??



Anonymous said...

The prob is,
who do you want..
to be the SUN of your life?

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

lolz...nice question...
hmm...alot of ppl i would want them to be my SUN...
who are u?