Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zee Avi

Heard her on the radio few weeks ago,
the song "bitter heart" just draws my attention to this singer
Her voice was so classical and magnetic
that it just made you pause for a moment and wanting to sing along...
and she is Zee Avi

A Malaysian,
also a Youtuber =P
got featured on Youtube and was signed up by Brushfire records..
ahh,you can read all the details on Wikipedia though

What really inspires me is that she's a Malaysian
achieving something really big now
And her songs is not the typical pop malay songs...
It's jazz and folk.and I love the Ukulele on the background
it melts my heart...

Hopefully I'll be able to achieve something amazing like her someday
i'm really proud of her
and hopefully I'll be somewhere there ...someday...somehow....


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