Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ukulele Hunt

after "The White Snake In You "
I was so darn free...

Free till the extend
that I ventured around  KL
(times square, sungai wang, pavilion, bukit bintang area,mid valley,pudu station,ikea...)

Yes, i've been craving for it quite some time now...
and before I could rush into buying one,
Pastor Soon Lee offered to lend his ukulele to me for the time being.
He said its better for me to learn it, 
fall in love with it (for long terms that is...not just for the moment)
then invest a good one...

And so,
here it is, the Mahalo ukulele
not mine but I'm already in love with it...
(for now...that is...lol)

trying to be pro.
Well, if you know how to play guitar,
its definitely easy for u to pick up ukulele,
cz its quite similar in a way.

Ukulele gives such a joyful and bubbly tone,
 I feel like I'm at a nice beautiful beach on a peaceful evening.
Ahh~~ my imagination running wild now.

Did a different version for my song "Make me Somebody"
using the ukulele... =) 
It sounded just perfect!


cHris-T said...

UKELELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D ITS LOOKS SO NICEEEEE. yesssss let's YouTube after I get one and hopefully learn to play it =) u look awesome with it!

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

Chris, i'm loving it!
looking forward to play with u!!