Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kuching Family Trip [Day 1]

After the melaka music camp, 
I had to rush straight back hometown to prepare for my family trip to Kuching.
It was a tough choice for me to do so cz I wanted BADLY to join the singer's workshop. I know its gonna be fruiful workshop and tonnes of crazy fun. But family is priority and my mom would kill me if I change my mind last minute.LOLz

So,I packed my bags. And the next morning,we arrived at the Penang Airport.
Here's the story:

 You wonder where I got my hyper genes? Answer: Dad.

 Lovely weather...=) and the clouds are like cottons...
felt like jumping on them and have a nice noon nap!
 Reached the Kuching airport. Found this funny lady standing and smiling at us...
Seeing her so pityful all  by herself, we decided to give her a warm greeting. 
Got to our hotel. The LimeTree Hotel. Everything is related to the theme "Lime".
And its pretty

 The small living

 Bathtub! I know i'm kinda overreacting about it but its huge!
can fit in 3 gals ler...lolz

 There are 2 rooms but I'm just gonna show the main one.
 Super Uber comfy!
After jumping around the bed, we went for dinner...hehe

We walked around the hotel area and found this...
Dad wanted to give it a try so...

 SERIOUSLY looking through the menu..hmmmm
Left : Jiang Nan noodles,lotsa vege,not bad lar..Right: Duck Noodles is GOOD!Duck meat very delish
Tomato sauce noodles...the name says it all....yeah....=.=
We went to take a walk at the Waterfront riverside...
Saw this...the Dewan Undangan Negeri...
dang,so much nicer than the mini Putrajaya in Perlis...
its like Palace floating on water...

 And some self-indulging momens at a unique story telling wall...
about some crocodile...etc

 The hotel gave us complementary drinks at its lounge.
Lime Soda! lol
Went to play some "needle" game....dont know the actual name for this game. 
HAHA!and obviously I suck like a chicken....
A lil view of the lounge.
Small yet fancy. If there's a few friends to be around would be much fun.

Then  its sleeping
There goes a day and the adventure is yet to take place...
Stay tune for day 2!


Malcolm said...

yea u seems genuinely to be your dad's daughter~
and the crocodile's name is Bujang Senang, ate some ppl~
and the needle game is darting i think... fruitful day it seems.. and u have internet in hotel room~btw enjoy your family trip.

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

malcolm: haha father like son lor...still got so many days to blog...lolz

Angel said...

needle game?? u win liao

ZaU said...

i tak pergi sarawak pun ~~ so nice one ah ~ haha

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

angel(calvin?):sorry lar,dunno the name of it...darting i suppose

zau:wanna go next year? got world music festival ler!