Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kite Metaphor

I love standing at the wide paddy fields,
feeling the breeze and the warm sunshine...
Nothing beats the stillness of the beautiful sight.

I love freedom,
I dislike being tied down and boxed up.
Yet, I'm terrified for the day,
that I will choose to give it up for someone else.

I know many people have been using the kite metaphor 
to write songs all over the world.
I'm not exception and not trying to be a copy cat.
This is just really what I felt.

After flying kite with my sis and her friends,
I realized...I'm really like a kite.
The more you pull the string, the more it will fly higher.

But when you apply tension on the string,
the kite will soar high and steady in the atmosphere.
I'm exactly what it is like.
The more you go against me, the more I would rebel against you.

But with proper tension and guidance,
I would stay firm.
That is how amazing God is to me.
He knows me more than I do for myself.

He kept me rooted and firm on His ground.
So that no matter how incessant I flew in the air,
I'll still be rooted in Him.

could be the secondary string of my kite. 

Oh why am I so melancholic now??
Must be those gastric juice...


weijie said...

like the 1st photo!! but u should add some classical sentences at the right side of the photo..quite empty there..

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

wei jie: yeah, i realize that too. thanks for the suggestion.