Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Be Yourself

This lovely cat ain't shy of the camera.
Imagine: I'm just using a 18-55mm lens, I gotta go super near to get a close shot. 
It wasn't frighten away or self-conscious,
it stayed the way it likes to be...

see that? miao!

Then it got me thinking...
how many times we are so aware of ourselves,
till we lost it all?
We've been living in the stereotypes,
afraid and shy to express...
being in the cliche...

Yeah, we're living under surveillance all the time..
CCTVs, cameras and even HUMAN CCTVs everywhere...
We've been conformed and tolerate with the things of this world.
Afraid that our inner self would be expose.

Thumbs up for praying cat posture!

Having said so much,
who am I to say all these things?
I'm no different.

Sometimes I wish I live under no one's care.
Being my own.
I'm not saying that we can do whatever we want or become crazy on the road..
Yes, we faced many obstacles that hinder us from soaring free,
I believe if there's a will, there's a way, 
and there's a God who will open the door if we are willing to let him do so.

I'm just wishing that I can be like this cat...
though there are cameras just inches away,
it couldnt careless but to continue chillin'

"Peace out your fellow humans, brrr meeeow!"

Now that's what I call being yourself.

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