Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Happened On the Brunch Table

When life gives you lemons, 
you turn them into lemonades...

When Taiwan gives you typhoon,
you turn them into plenty of time to kill...

Need not to explain too much, 
Typhoon came, 
plans to indulge myself in Starbucks failed,
so the best thing to do is sit and home 
and COOK.

Bacon, bacon, bacon...I repeat, its bacon, no beef bacon! 
This toast taste x100 better than Gardenia. =P

Have been into cooking lately,
that's because my house in Taiwan has a kitchen! 
Compared to outside food and hostel cafeteria ones,
home cook is da best! 
And one does not need much skills to cook something edible. 
I'm no pro in cooking,
I just like to "mix and match" in the kitchen. *winks*
Now who would like to try my home-cooked food??

Being here in Taiwan,
being a part of Teenagers Performing Arts League (TPAL)
I've been learning alot.
The culture, lingo, history...not to mention weather....
There are so much to appreciate,
and at the same time,
travelling made me learn to treasure my own country more. 
LOVE, even though when it's hard.

P/s: These are events that took place on the brunch table...

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