Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Better Get Drunk With More Coffee

Gloomy morning
The sun is dimmer, maybe
I wonder why bad things happen to me?

Come on, lady...
Pack up all this nonsense
Keep the negativity out of your skin

That's ok, 
The sun will still shine big
Upon our faces
Hook on a smile and face your day...

And if your friends don't speak
Just leave them be
There's more yet to see
The day will still move on
So why won't you be happy? 

End of new song.
And look at my emo face

Company is on a one week holiday
Yay for some people,
but I didnt took the time to go to further places in Taiwan.
1. Typhoon came (bummer)
2. Tickets were sold out
3. Trying to save money
4. I'm just finding excuses to cover up my foolishness...

It's been pretty quiet lately...
not literally but...connectively I guess...
Cultural and hospitality differences...
I guess I'm not VERY independent to be left out alone
and do everything on my own for good.

Well, if you know me well,
this really isn't how I prefer to be...

 If you can survive
1. Not being able to do what you love
2. Closed up in many situations, only being told last minute
3. Ignored
4. Faced with hard brick walls after countless of initiation to bond
5. Receiving "We'll consider and let you know soon" responses while you were trying damn hard to get to know others by asking them out...
6. Home alone 9 days...

Well, then you're much a better me.
I guess no.1 and 3 killed me the most.

This shot took me few attempts...proud of the outcome *lovin' it*
Oh well, its really not for me to judge or have a say on anything here..
I'm just a passer-by that might not make a difference...
I'm trying hard to find a place and trace to fit in...

Maybe I'm just too keen to be one of them...
Maybe it's better to be "independent" and leave things out of it...
and just mind my own business...

But really...that's not how I roll.

Think of the good side...
this gives me plenty of time to write, talk to myself,
and have a little "me" time.

And it's ok if I keep hitting into brick walls,
'cause I'll just trying until I meet a wall that's willing to open a door for me...
Still keeping my hopes up.

Might as well, get more coffee
to drunk away this pessimistic feeling...

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Vachel said...

I like the last pic =P