Thursday, August 16, 2012

Satisfy My...

Satisfy my soul
Warm windy wind
Satisfy my soul, 
won't you?

I am on a float,
head stuck in the clouds
Someone bring me back to ground

I am waiting     for you
to come around
And bring me back      to earth
Oh you'll always be there by my side
So I guess I'll find my way to you

Satisfy my
Satisfy my
Satisfy my
Satisfy my soul... ...

Sometimes people just hear, they don't listen
Wrote this song 2 days ago...
Mainly because I'm feeling very tired and loathe the demands there are from this world.
It is a realistic and competitive place
all of us know this fact...
and I guess this environment has shaped us to the person we have become today...

Many times they say
"Do whatever that is true to your heart"
"Be yourself"
"Do not care of what they might say"

I do not have the answers...
'cause I'm searching for it too...

Initially I took their word for it.
But then, they didnt took my actions into account.
There isn't anything I could offer them, it seems...

I tried to satisfy their souls,
but then... ...
We all know the fact that we should not build our satisfaction on others...
but often times, I failed to not care of what people might think about me....

I hope people could just give me a nod,
a pat on the shoulder,
a hug,
a smile
a whisper saying " Thank you for your effort"

But the more I'm entering the "real" world,
the more I realized, people dont say thank you that much anymore...
"Where do I go?
Where do I stay?
Where can I find myself again?"
-------Where do I go by Relient K

I'm entering the final year of my studies.
And seriously, I'm terrified what may come.
Where do I go? What can I do?
For now, I can only hold on tightly on God's promises in my life...
what He has promised me since two years ago...

Maybe I can't write songs that could get people to bang their heads to
or dance around like Justin Bieber (0.o...seriously you wanna use JB as an example??)
But I hope I can find a platform, for me to sing songs for people who needs healing...
for those who are lost.

ジョセリン  がんばっくてください!!

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