Monday, April 29, 2013

One Day. Coming.


One day lollipops, ice cream,
jelly beans and sweet dreams will be my own

One day I'll sing for many
who have needs and people with broken souls.

That day is nowhere too far at all...

How could I escape from all this love?
How could I embrace all of this madness surrounding?
Oh God, you have this way of making me realizing,
my fantasies are now coming to life.

No more time to waste...
No more time to waster....


Well, lovely morning.
It's always good to wake up fresh in the morning with a cup of coffee.
And pulling out my ukulele to write some tunes.

It's been a while since I could sit down and write a song.
Reflecting on the things I've done...
(oh, here come emotional rush)
But then, I won't let emotions get the best of me,
or else I"ll end up like some 文青(文艺少年)...
*tsk tsk tsk*

This song is basically about myself realizing the best of life.
Waking up to a revelation of thoughts that God is good all the time.
Maybe for those who don't believe in God might not understand me,
why would I always wanna talk about God? Jesus?

I've said this alot of times,
just because He's real and He's the maker & fulfiller of dreams.

I'm graduating soon.
In about 2 months time.
and I've always know what I really wanna do in the future,
but circumstances are showing me otherwise.
Yet lately, I got a job in KLPAC,
theatre education.
Definitely NOT the job I expect to take on,
but to my realization, it's what I NEED, though not what I WANT.

I believe this is part of the puzzle for me to unveil 
in order to get to higher ground.
So, coming to this realization gives me to smiles...
and the chills.
How awesome is He who has the best plans for us in life?
If only we could just trust Him with all we have...

gotta get back to memorizing my script.
Hopefully will get to blog about my upcoming production,
(18 and 19 May 2013)