Sunday, May 26, 2013

Once Upon a Time...Bacon

She has never tasted the taste of a fried chicken, or even roasted pork.
Mom only cooks dull steam chicken breast porridge or boiled vegetables for their daily meals.
Dad only feeds on half boiled eggs and sometimes beans for protein.
They are one skinny and weird family.

People regard her skinny figure to her family genetics heritage.
Yet, everytime she looks at her dad, he seemed to come from a big size, huge bone structured family line.
So she thought, she might be a clone of her mom.
Legs and hands are as skinny as the bamboo stick, flat chested and curvy-less.

She wonder, why won't her parents let her feast on nice oily food like all her other friends?
Her parents are not anti-social people but yet seemed very held back at certain situations. Why?
Why would two nice parents feed on such weird meals? and why their old wooded shattered house has a huge cupboard at a corner of the house? Everytime she ask about it, they only briefly answer "That's the only property your grandfather left for us. It is the best gift."'s just a normal cupboard collecting dust.

Till one day,
comes starvation and WWZ...
She finally understood all these years of training and 'suffering'...
There was a small corner, at the upper right side of the cupboard, which has an exit plan for the family.
The door was so small, that not every normal size human being can go through.
After crawling their way through the small tube connected to the cupboard door, Dad terminated the exit by breaking the bridge between the tube and the home.
She watched those pieces falling down into an endless pit.

Coming to another end, they entered a world not of their own.
They were in a chinese temple, faced down by many ugly looking demons and monsters.
Never she knew that her parents could fight. They fought a battle of victory.
But then there was a massive explosion.
They floated away on a rugged boat and reached a country side.

It seemed like a peaceful place...
As they pushed open the vintage twirling fence by the sea, their lives were never same again.

*to be continue*

(A dream of mine)


Lionheart said...

Hi there, read interpretation of dream by Sigmund Freud. Your dream might be a symbol of your unconscious mind.

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