Monday, November 10, 2008

If I could....

If I have the freedom to do anything I want
with no restrictions,
no money-limits,
no anxieties...

I would like to:
  1. Taste the best black-pepper steak in this world...YUMMY!
  2. Indulge myself in the top beaches in this planet...AWW MAN!
  3. Shop in the largest,most luxurious shopping center in Dubai...$$$
  4. Produce my own album...LaLaLaLa
  5. Learn photography and have my own art collection/gallery...Ka-Cha!
  6. Build a better classroom for my school's form six students...DEFINITELY!
  7. Buy myself a cello, keyboard and acoustic guitar...Cant wait for that day
  8. Have my personal air plane/ I can travel anytime with no worries
  9. Together, help the 2.6 billion ppl with no basic sanitation and clean water...=)
  10. Build my mom's dream cafe
  11. Buy my dad a new car,dining table,sofa...most of all-A big garden for his plants to grow
  12. Promote 3R in Perlis...reuse-reduce-recycle
  13. Build a building for my church...say goodbye to shop-lots!

There's just too much...humans are more or less materialistic and greedy...
But truly,these are just fantasies running through my mind all the time...
hopefully by someday I can accomplish all these "Mission Impossible"
For's back to reality and get my butt back to my chair
and get started with my studies... =)

I'm glad there's still a place for me to unrealistic

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