Friday, October 30, 2009

Ready for the BATTLE??

Was on my way back to Perlis today
as usual I'll cam whore with my new C902 phone
and snap! got this really amazing pic.
Take a close look (maybe not even close)
and you'll see a "GOOD" hand sign at the clouds...
cool huh?
it's like God is telling me i'm doing well cz im striving for my STPM.
not really striving i guess...
Gosh,the heat and preassure is on.
3 weeks and no time for rest...
Syllabus undone,
concepts unstable,
chapters piling up like twin tower of Petronas
brain often on sleep mode,
wandering around cloud 9...
I dont feel ready for this battle
But i still belive 3 weeks can change things.
even if it's sticking myself with elephant glue on the chair,
poking myself with needle when i'm sleepy,
or skip lunch,waking up early (nooo!!!)
I have to burry my face into books and READ!!!
*breath in breath out...huuuuu*
Dad is just a wonderful father
discussing econs theory with him is just so fruitful.
He'll go through wikipedia to check for more info,
explain,reconfirm my concept
and stimulate me to think...
most of all,business and econs has a close relation to what he's good at
FELDA GULA PERLIS... applicable...
Too bad his daughter is just too slow to twist her piggy brain...
No more excuse,it's back to work...
ready for the battle?
wait a minute,my knife is not even sharpen!
my guns are not fully loaded,
there goes my rusty shield....
give me a sec commander!

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