Friday, October 2, 2009

My LIKE Life

You know,I admit I do have a crush on some guy out there.


and I know what you're thinking now..."who is that lucky guy?"

or rather who's that UNLUCKY one...

Crushes I had for the pass few years till now (they come and go from time to time though)
never really proceeded till the next level. I called it LIKE.

For me,LIKE is when you wanna spend more time with this guy
(or gal)
getting more personal
wants to know every detail of his life
be there everytime he needs you
comfortable being just who you are when you're with them
not ashamed to show who you really are inside
...the list goes a lil more but what i really wanna say is
for me to LIKE someone seems hard.
Especially when I've never been in a serious or puppy love relationship before
(yeah i know it's pathetic)

Hooooo...there's this very strange situation that happens everytime I have a crush on some guy
that is the guy (usually had a crush on me before I did the same) will move on.
I used to think that God is playing a fool with me
but as time passes by, I started to appreciate this funny "phenomena"
cz someday by the time the guy and I both share the same feelings for each other
at the same time...
then there's a high possibility he is the so called "The One"

I admit I'm having a crush now
maybe moving into the LIKE stage...
but as usual i'll always hold back long enough till he backs out...
and the journey for true love continues...
maybe soon??

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