Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little thoughts

It's ironic
often times I laughed and teases the lyrics in songs which I thought was...
overly dramatic.
But when you got into that situation,that EXACT situation
you finally understand why they wrote it that way

"....it's 2a.m and i'm cursing your name,
i'm so in love that i acted insane
thats the way i love you"
The way i love you-Taylor Swift

"But you're so hynotizing
you got me laughing while i sing
you got my smiling in my sleep..."
Catch me-Demi Lovato

"something always brings me back to you,
it never takes too long..."
"you hold me without touch,keep me without chains...."
Gravity-Sarah Bareilles

...Just to mention a few...
there's so many more cliche and cheezy lyrics
but when you're in that particular situation,you could really feel and appreciate every song
that sings to your heart...

And i do hope the songs I write does the same
to someone somewhere somehow
in this big tiny world...=)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-sb5eclDQs my new song "Little thoughts" =)

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