Sunday, November 8, 2009

Letting Go

Letting go
it aint easy
Thinking too much
the deadliest flaw in me
When this two elements collide
you cant imagine how hyterical I'll be
Emotions run
high and low
up and down till it
made you head spin around like
you're in a never ending roller coaster ride
You think that you got this
you think you are strong to face it
but when he appears infront of you
your heart melts and breaks into two
cz he's not in love with you
he has someone else back in school
You think you'd forgotten
you think you could handle this all
but when he appears infront of you
the confidence of letting go just falls
but he's not in love with you
and you're suffering from all this mental torture
All now I can do
is to hang on to God for only he can cure this addiction
more than other rehab centres could
He's my equilizer
that keeps me at least a lil sane
and I know in time I'll get through...

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