Sunday, November 8, 2009


And so I was paicking most of my stuff back to Perlis
and here are some of the nostalgic moments in my room...

the amazing amount of thumbnails and blue tags
used just to stick papers and pics around

All the pics,articles, drawings ready to be packed up!

"you are the prettiest gal ever lived"
the note that I sticked to my mirror and confessed it everday...
for the 1st few weeks only...
then I forgotten it actually existed...haha
Got home,
settled all my stuffs again
and found out all the bunch of albums i bought in 2009...
to me it's a lot...
16 albums bought in 10 months,
and FYI they are all ORIGINAL!

Mama mia soundtrack,backstreet boys CD+VCD,

Kevin Max,David Archuleta,Matchbox 20,

Jeremy Camp,Zee Avi,Daughtry,Demi Lovato (2),Norah Jones(2)

and not inside here-Colbie Callait

So being "free" enough,

I went on to count all the original albums in the house

and I found we had a total of 110!! much money is that...

Dad keeps complaining about how I spent my money on albums,

but hey,

it's so much better than buying cetak rompak or illegal downloads.

We support good music by letting these great musicians earn money

which is by buying their albums to be exact...


well at the end of the again...


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