Sunday, March 13, 2011

My First Love

For 21 years of my life,
this is my 1st time being in a relationship.
So much to learn and experience...
I'm excited 
so am I terrified.

Heard too many stories and experience from others...
how they went from lovey-dovey to break ups...
from inseparable to separable...
Many said that after the chase, 
the guys will not be as keen as before once they got you...
so have to "diao ge" (play hard to get)
etc... ...

For the pass few weeks,
indeed I felt like the luckiest gal in the world
(yes, its that cliche to say this when you're in love)
He's been such an angel in my life.
Never felt so blessed and loved by a guy before.
I guess the main reason I gave him THE green light was because
I felt security

He's simple
and insanely funny
I love to watch him laughing at his own silly jokes at times...
which is really really silly!
Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy this(????)

I love the way he does little things to care,
the way he held my hand when we're in the car,
talks about everything without any holding back...
I'm glad that he trusted me,
(and so do I).

He's full of surprises.
(and maybe he knows I love surprises...)
Finally found someone who can actually surprise me out of my expectations...
I guess he must have squeezed all his brain juice out...
(valentines day,when he talked on stage during Dayao...)
that was rather exhilarating...
His love for music is genuine.
Not just to show it off, but savour it even though when no one listens.
Just look at the way he plays his guitar.
If thats not passion, then I don't know how you rate it anymore.

He shows his affection naturally.
After being with him only I realized,
I was after all as shy as any other girl in love.
(which I thought I'll never react like this in my life =.=)
Good thing he is kind enough to take initiative... 

I know to some people,
it seemed like a fast ride for both of us.
But no matter what people may say and judge,
the decision falls into our hands.
Whether we want to take it a step further or let it be,
its up to us.

There are so many examples out there,
but in the end, we decide our own future.
I cant live based on other ppl's opinions and views alone.

I'm a newbie...
or maybe a noobie.
But I believe as long I put my trust in him and God...
we shall overcome the thorns and stones ahead.
I'm not alone in this journey.

People and the world may tell you
things will get worse as time goes by...
... ...

But I believe that
we will get better and better in time. 
I heart you,silly guy! 


rachel said... touched.... T_T

Unknown said...

I'm so happy when I read this. It is like once in a million to be 两情相悦, and it is more hard to have someone who share the same interest as your partner. Really happy for you! ( and jealous at the same time...^v^Y)

JoCeLyn SteMiLyn said...

rachel: i'm also very

thanks june! =)

DeCloud said...
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Angel said...
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DeCloud said...

The conclusion from me and peiying are you're thinking too much.NObody talking about your so call "fast ride" relationship. =.=

almost forgot,ah zau still owe me a big meal ^___^

Malcolm said...

He's gonna treat u real good. one way to test is to throw his PRS out of the car! XDDDD

enjoy the love ride~~

yannytan said...

wish u sweet sweet forever with my buddy wor...when gt time makan together lo....haha...

Mi Zheng 弥烝 said...

ewwwwee~ so sweet~~
wahaha....glad to c u 2 have faith in each othrs,actuali to maintain a love,ntg much needed to b done,
jz continue to believe,continue to feel, and continue to appreciate...
best wishes to both of u crazy ppl...:p

Jason Rockz said...

yo yo touching le T.T

jhiawei. said...

very nice and sweet!

ZaU said...

opps ...just read this all last night ~~ make me bit malu dy ~~

let me write one WHEN im free ~ hahha