Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Da Big Day

So it's wednesday...
and tmr is thursday which is THE DAY
where my STPM results will be out.

After 1 1/2 years battling with one of the hardest exams in the world.
no's no.2 hardest to be exact...
Tomorrow will be a day of accomplishment I would say
It's like the full stop for my form 6 life...


While most of them are shouting and screaming
their nervous anxious heart out...
I'm rather shocked to find myself...relieved and excited
Of course I'm nervous too,but more like...thrilled.

Funny... *smirk*

Looking back at what I'd done the past 2 years...
since the day I told myself that I will never EVER enter form6...
(but look at where I am now...*smirk harder*)
till the day I faced that horrible exam...
It's really not what I imagined at all...

God is just amazing.
He knows what is truly best for us.
I didnt regret getting into all this at all.
Instead I'm grateful for given the time
to rethink my future and improve my skills.

Instead of having nightmares or insomnia
It's gonna be an overwhelming night
Maybe I'll sleep with a grateful heart tonight

But why is my heart pounding so hard??
It must the coffee effect...


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