Sunday, February 21, 2010


I know I should not be feeling this way
wanted to cry but no tears
wanted to write a song but no melody pops
wanted to talk but somehow unwilling
All because
people around me are no longer trustable.
No one is sincere
No one is true to heart...
Everyone is so fake
So 2-faced
I really wonder what am I to them?
A party decoration just to make the place merrier?
An after-dinner gossip topic?
Or was I really the jerk all along??
So all this while what I cared so much
turns out to be a joke
What I did to save the relationship
actually made it worse
I wanna know the truth
I wanna leave this place and start all over...
it's exaggerating I know...but it's really what I wanna do now.
Get me outta this slanderous place
I need a hug

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