Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiny Lil Hands

I feel the sun shining straight
into my face

those lil smiles
gigles and laughters
just thrills my heart

Things had changed
and they are not like what's used to be
but still there's an innocent heart I see

I see...
lil cherry cheeks with big brown eyes
I hear
a sweet sing melody of a lil child
Tiny lil hands trying figure out why
this black and white keys are so confusing at times...

those lil kids may be very torturing and annoying
but in the end it's not them that chose to be/act/behave selfishly or other negative attitudes...
it's their parents and this whole society that is shapping them into becoming so exam orientated,rebellious,and worst of all...no happy childhood...
this song is for them...hope to finish the melody soon though... =)

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