Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiration {The Sundance Kids}

It's weird...not going out at this time
it's like I'd turn nerdy and isolated.
Lol,this is how a wild person will feel after quitting supper and night life for 2 days
Anyhow,this isolating self thingy actually got me some benefits

Discovered a music band--> The Sundance Kids.
Once heard of them a few months ago but didnt paid much attention
but out of boredom, got on to Youtube it...
and I was blown away.

Their songs are rather mainstream
just kinda wondered why they are not as big as Coldplay or Switchfoot
Saw them live playing a song "Stay With Me".

Lead singer,standing under red beams of light
untidy wavy hair,strumming his guitar
No cliche intros
He just started singing as he feels like to

And the crowd just swayed with him
and sang with him of course.
It just...blew my away.
Simply goosebumps. It's just influencial
I'd been writing songs quite sometime now...
Hope someday my songs can be inspirational
just like how The Sundance Kids inspired me
to touch souls and not just those record companies
I wish people who listens to my songs
not just get inspired but also have a positive thinking
and most importantly,
I can share my best friend, Jesus Christ
to the world.

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